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Making The Nashua River Downtown A Better Place To Visit (Update Juy 5, 2021)

Making the Nashua River Downtown a Better Place to Visit (Update Juy 5, 2021)

Update as of March 21, 2020

As you may have noticed, work has commenced on the cleaning up of the banks of the Nashua River downtown.  All three fountains have been installed and the banks have had much of the evasive species removed.  New lighting has been added to make walking and visiting the riverside much safer.  New landscaping and new planting will follow soon and the river will be much improved for people to use and enjoy.  More information will be available soon.


The City of Nashua has had plans to clean up the Banks of the Nashua River from the Broad Street Parkway to BAE Systems for some time to make it a more appealing place to visit.

In 2020 and 2021 the clearing all the evasive species from the river banks has been accomplished and three new mid-river fountains have been installed.  A special TIF (Tax Incentive Fund) to cover the cost of these river front improvements was put in place. This is all part of a Riverfront Master Plan which can be found on the City’s website.


Permits were obtained and clearing of invasive material has been completed along the river banks near the downtown.  More work will continue.

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