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I Am Running For Re-election For Alderman Ward Two!

I am running for Re-election for Alderman Ward Two!

Election time is here again and this is a very critical election.  I am seeking my sixth term as the Alderman from Ward Two and hope I have represented the voters of Ward Two well over the last ten years.  For now I will bullet some of my recent accomplishments in Ward two and the City and will add more later. Here are some items I have accomplished:

  • Finally received the Grant monies to accomplish the Sate Routes to school for Charlotte Avenue.  new sidewalks, new crosswalks, new traffic flow, new solar speed indicators and a reduced speed limit.
  • Trees planted at Edgewood Cemetery to comply with neighbors wishes had some trees die and they are now being replaced.  This time the trees will be guaranteed to grow by the landscaper and will be replaced again if necessary. I have been following this closely with the Cemetery Trustees.
  • As Chairman of the City Budget committee I believe we brought in a budget that balances City Services with very limited funds.  All the increases may be attributed to increased State Costs to the City of Nashua.
  • As Chairman of the Joint Special School Building committee I am overseeing a $120M Middle School Project.  We have finished the first school, Fairgrounds, on schedule and under budget. I have overseen the renovation or build of ten schools in Nashua during my tenor.
  • Acting as building consultant to the new Department of Public Works new Office Building.


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