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Your City Officials Information

Your City Officials Information

Nashua City Government

City website:

City Clerk’s Office:     (603)589-3260

Mayor: Jim Donchess (Term will expire January 2023) Address: City Hall, 229 Main Street / P.O. Box 2019, Nashua, NH 03061 (603) 589-3260

Treasurer:  David Ferdette

WARD ALDERMEN (Term ends 2019)

Ward 1:  Jan Schmidt  [Also State representative from Ward 1]

Ward 2: Richard Dowd

Ward 3: Patricia Klee  [Also State Representative from Ward 3]

Ward 4: Thomas Lopez

Ward 5: Atty. Ernest Jette

Ward 6: Ken Gidge  [Also State Representative from Ward 6]

Ward 7: June M. Caron

Ward 8: Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja

Ward 9: Linda Harriott-Garthright


Lori Wilshire  President [term ends 2019]

Michael B. O’Brien, Sr.   Vice President  [Also State Representative from Ward 9] [term ends 2019]

Shoshanna Kelly [term ends 2021]

Brandon Laws [term ends 2021]

Atty. David Tenza [term ends 2021]

Ben Clemons [term ends 2019]


Heather Raymond  President  [term ends 2021]

Raymond Guarino  Clerk  [term end 2021]

Doty Oden  [term ends 2021]

Howard Coffman  [term ends 2019]

Doris Hohensee  [term ends 2019]

William Mosher  [term ends 2019]

Susan Porter  [term ends 2019]

Gloria Timmons  [term ends 2021]

Elizabeth Van Twuyver  [term ends 2019]




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